PC with 486 or newer
128 MB of RAM or higher
Disk Space
40 MB of available hard-disk space
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000 or XP
Supported RDBMS

Microsoft® Access
Microsoft® SQL Server
DB2 Universal Database
Sybase Adaptive Server
Note: The Connection wil be an ODBC interface.

Supported Database Modeling Tools
Embarcadero ER/Studio (Enterprise version)
AllFusion ERwin
Data Modeler (Enterprise version)


Protection of personal information is a critical issue these days and ER/DataGen provides a solution as your powerful utility application. ER/DataGen can generate test data with almost infinite diversity for a system test as well as a comprehensive test, eliminating any need to use actual data.  In collaboration with ER/Studio and Allfusion ERwin database modeling tools, you can generate realistic test data that maintains consistency with your design specifications. 

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The effectiveness of ER/DataGen:

• Security
• Protection against internal information leaks 

There are many cases in which actual data is used for system development or maintenance testing.  ER/DataGen protects against internal information leaks for companies using actual data that could lead to serious problems (risks).  It is now possible with ER/DataGen to generate test data that is realistically close to the actual data.  ER/DataGen provides the solution to the security problem since there is no need to use actual data. 

The result of utilizing ER/DataGen:

• Reduction of cost
• Reduction of processes and retention of quality.

Generating test data requires a very large amount of time and labor.  Thus, you may perform tests with the data which cannot be verified for the alignment with the specifications due to  missing rules concerning the databases, such as reference consistency and a trigger, or because there is an error in a data value or the length of the data is unrealistic.  If test data can be generated from the design specifications of the database model, it is possible to prepare test data with accuracy, consistent with the intention of the designers in a short period of time.  This will allow the development productivity and quality of the system to be improved as a result. 

Process flow of ER/DataGen

ER/DataGen is equipped with many outstanding features as a test data generation tool.  Users can create the test data along the application and database specifications focusing on their analytic and creative capabilities. 

Pre-defined data type samples are provided 

Various pre-defined data are provided including: character string data types (such as corporation names, postal codes, States, cities/towns/villages, addresses, and phone numbers), date/time data types (such as Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar with two or four digit year notation) and numerical data (such as random integers, random real numbers, and floating point form).  States and cities/towns/villages will be associated with postal codes and thousands of addresses are provided.

User-defined data types can be created 

In order to create the test data in alignment with the specifications of an application or a database, the user can easily customize a pre-defined data type or create a new one.  Users can be flexible in creating the data types they want for their purposes. 

For example, combining the postal code, State, and addresses that are provided as pre-defined data, users can create a new data type and customize it to their specifications.  Moreover, users can specify formats such as real numbers, floating point, or arrange them in any unique order, flexibly utilizing various formats and orders for output of data values. 

Various output specifications are defined 

To create test data, the output specification defined by the user is used.  Various internally defined values can be used for column values and field values, such as constants, consecutive numbers, randomly generated numerical values, alphanumeric values, the values of an external file, personal names, corporation names, postal codes, states, cities/towns/villages, addresses, phone numbers, dates, time.  Furthermore, since an external key is storable in a column value, the reference consistency will be maintained when data is added to the native database table.  The output destination can be specified as an ASCII file with fixed-length or variable-length fields and records in a flat structure, or if connected via ODBC, the data can be created directly into the table reading the existing table structure. 

Interconnection with ER/Studio and Allfusion ERwin data modeling tools means “Creating model-driven type test data”

If you can generate test data from the design specifications of a data model in batch, you can create test data with the consistency that the designers have correctly intended in a very short time.  ER/DataGen will utilize the existing data model and the schema information of the implemented database as basic information. Working together with ER/Studio or AllFusion ERwin Data Modelers, you know can create test data with design specifications and consistency only by inputting generation conditions, such as a check of the test data specifications for every column, and the record number to create.  Of course, even if there is no data model, it can reverse-engineer the data model from an existing database using ER/Studio or Allfusion ERwin

Major Features of ER/DataGen

• Generates test data as batch maintaining rules such as reference consistency between columns. 

• Calculates the optimal test data value for every column in order to maintain the efficiency and accuracy of an input operation.

• Displays cardinality and item number ratio in order to detect inconsistency of the generation number between related tables.

ER/DataGen provides a GUI that is easy for the database designers to understand such as entity names and a display of parent-child relationship.

ER/DataGen is available for download and evaluation in support of ER/Studio and AllFusion ERwin users. Click Here to Download the ER/DataGen trial version.


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