Intel® Pentium® or faster Processor
32 MB of RAM or higher
Disk Space
12 MB of available hard-disk space
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, 2000, XP, or Windows NT®



 designed to combine
ease of use with
flexibility &
  • Generate flat files or generate data directly to database tables, while maintaining referential integrity.

  • Generate over 2 billion proper names, business names, street addresses, cities, states, and zip codes.

  • Use Datatect's wide range of built-in test data types or create your own custom data types.


Generate to flat files directly to database tables.

  • Create flat ASCII files with fixed or variable length fields and records, which can be used with any appropriate application or imported into a database or spreadsheet

  • Directly populate tables for many popular databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, and Access, using ODBC.

  • The user has the capability to read in existing database table structures to aid in the generation of meaningful test data beds.

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Wide Variety of Data Types

  • Field/column values may contain constants, computed numeric and alphanumeric values, values from external files, as well as a variety of internally-defined values, such as personal names, businesses, street addresses, cities, states, zip codes, phone numbers, dates, and times.

  • Personal names are properly correlated with gender and title designations as are cities and states with zip codes and phone numbers.

  • Dates can be generated in Gregorian or Julian formats with two-or four-digit year designations.

  • Field values may contain foreign keys, which preserves referential integrity when directly populating database tables as well as allowing the capability of including these values as part of the output data when creating flat ASCII files.

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Custom Data Types

  • In addition to intrinsic field/column value types, custom field values may be defined by combining these intrinsic types into an application-specific unique value type or creating a user-defined list.

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Flexible Output Formats

  • A wide variety of output data value formats and data value ordering is provided.

  • Dates, times, and numeric data values, as well as values from external files and internally-defined user lists, may be presented in random or sequential order of any desired increment.

  • In addition, numeric values may be randomly ordered with no repeating values (unique random order) or randomly distributed over up to three user-specified ranges (weighted random order).

  • Formatting flexibility is limited only by the data type in question.

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Extensive On-Line Help and Tutorial

  • Datatect has been designed and implemented to be easy and efficient to use.

  • Navigation from one window to another is as simple as a mouse click or selecting an item from a drop-down menu via designated keystrokes.

  • Capabilities within any window are provided to allow the most effective use of the user's time.

  • Users may also preview output data before making changes to specifications permanent.

  • An extensive on-line help system, including tutorials, is provided to aid the user in performing requisite tasks.

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